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April — spring is in full swing, and in Austria, I experience summery weather for the first time this year. And I love it.

Thanks to the next hard lockdown, I will have enough time until about End of May to write more, read more and create more podcasts and videos.

Let's sit down and use the government's time to work on the skills we love the most.

If reading is one of those skills in your life, maybe one of my favorite stories like entrepreneurship, investment, self-development, or personal finances is helpful for you.


…and the 5 that didn’t make the cut

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Did you know that speaking the same language significantly helps to build business relations? It is proven that companies putting effort into training their staff in foreign languages — especially languages of countries they want to do business with — have better returns than businesses that don’t respond to that.

What are the most important languages in the world in the coming years?

Why is it necessary to learn languages?

Let´s clarify some thoughts first to get the right frame around the ranking.

We have Artificial Intelligence in development worldwide. And Google Translate already translates entire business and legal text…

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by Christian Soschner

Weekly Summary April 11

Halfway through April already — the year flies by quickly. In Austria, it is no wonder since the country is on lockdown beginning with November 11, and no end is in sight.

For me, it is challenging having so much time on my own. To me, it seems the more time I have for myself, the quicker it passes by.

One insight is that having time for myself is great — at times, but spending quality time with other human beings adds tremendous value to life.

I hope that now with the vaccines, politicians start getting back to normal. …

How to create kick-ass content

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In my youth, communication was an extremely complicated process — well, not because of the usual sender-receiver problem, which still exists today.

The reasons were the missing means of communication, which made it pretty challenging to reach out to people. Today an eMail — a written letter — is a matter of 5 minutes, and it can potentially reach millions of people.

My latest newsletter project has yet to date 15 members, but just one influencer and my words could go viral. Just imagine Gary V. spreading the mail…

You don’t think that can happen? Today it is so easy…

Weekly Summary April 4

Spring is full swinging and the cold winter days in the northern hemisphere are just a faint memory.

No matter how cold the winter was, life was always coming back in spring.

And it also does in 2021, even though some countries still impose lockdowns on their population — like Austria.

In the US and UK, the first politicians promise to reopen everything from April 2021 onwards.

What else happened last week?

Lagarde Says ECB Could Have Digital Currency Within Four Years

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Not only China but also Europe is thinking towards a digital currency. I wonder what use-cases it will have, as most of the transactions already are digital.


Fact Check

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The internet is a great thing — still after almost 30 years since CERN made the World Wide Web publicly available.

Yet, sometimes it is challenging to stumble over information that crushes long kept believes in the truth of certain quotes like

Be the change you want to see in the world

Not Mahatma Gandhi

My whole life, I strongly believed Mahatma Gandhi said that, and then I stumbled across Quote Investigator — and they crushed it.

Why is this quote great?

I particularly liked the quote as a reminder to refocus on what I can change instead of pondering upon what I cannot change…

Welcome to the Club…

I am into investing since the 80s. What started with Computer Games like Hanse, Fugger, Kaiser or Capitalism, developed into real-life investing later in life.

As a kid in the 70s, one dollar felt like a fortune — flash forward 40 years in my core business as a developer of life science companies, business plans worth a few billion are the “new normal.”

Also, on the stock market, the valuations are flying higher and higher and higher. Not to speak from the money supply, which is increasing by the trillions lately. …

Weekly Tech Update March 28, 2021

While the vaccination is making great progress in the United States and my American friends start talking about the end of the Pandemic from April 15 onwards, Austria is going into the next lockdown — including a very, let’s call it interesting, political and social situation.

Anyhow — stock markets are thriving, Crypto is thriving — and what else happened this week in March?

Tesla accepts Bitcoin

Since March, every US citizen can buy Tesla with Bitcoin, and the rest of the world will follow soon.

A great move that proves the case again for bitcoin and Tesla is at the forefront of…

What will Elon Musk do with it?

Canva Pro Image, Screenshot Twitter

In February, Elon Musk surprised the world with Tesla's announcement that they allocate 1.5 billion dollars into bitcoin.

His tweet — in retrospect, it was inevitable — still resonates in my mind. I thought, what's next?

This week I got the answer presented — again on Elon Musks Twitter profile:

Tesla opens up purchases of their cars to payments in Bitcoin

And, of course, the bitcoin price saw a quick hike after that tweet. Obviously, in 2021 investors should follow Reddit Groups and Twitter profiles to get relevant price information.

So what about buying something with bitcoin from Tesla…

… and Here Is How It Works in 2021


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