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June — the first month of summer. Well, yes the official start of summer is June 21, but let us just pretend that it is already here.

…and the 5 that didn’t make the cut

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Did you know that speaking the same language significantly helps to build business relations? It is proven that companies putting effort into training their staff in foreign languages — especially languages of countries they want to do business with — have better returns than businesses that don’t respond to that.

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by Christian Soschner

And the five improvements it came with it

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I miss those childhood days in which the world was perfect. There was no pandemic, free travel, sunshine, and fresh air in the Austrian mountains where I spent my days happy, reading, running through the wilderness, and hunting what I needed to eat.

It was a slow-paced hand written world.

Just think about the old calendars called Filofax. Every year at Christmas time, the magic moment came when I went to buy the new pages…

Here are five things rich people do frequently

Today I read several articles in the European press that blamed Billionaires for evading taxes. The claims those articles made were pretty blunt.

The Bitcoin is Dead. Long live the Bitcoin.

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“I swore an oath. We all did. To serve when everything else fails, to be humanity’s last line of defense, to be the shield.”

―Phil Coulson

I love the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

We’ve Got a Bigger Fish to Fry Now

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These days many people dream of building the next Amazon after seeing what success Jeff Bezos created. Lately, kids have started talking about becoming a YouTube Star or creating the next Cryptocurrency with sound use cases.

Tell your story to the world…

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We love telling stories and want to make entrepreneurship, investment & finance related to innovation understandable for everyone.

The History of LSG2G

The philantropic LSG2G community started in Austria, Vienna in June 2017 when 15 life science entrepreneurs and investors met up over lunch to talk about the future of innovation, entrepreneurship, and investments.

  • 3,500 + Participants in Online and Offline Events
  • 3,000 + subscribers consisting of investors and entrepreneurs
  • 60 + digital and real-life…

Paper hands or diamond hands?

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“Should I buy, or should I sell? My lord, what have you done to us? The Bitcoin Gurus showed us the promised land of a never-ending eternal upward movement to the moon. They promised us to get rich quickly, if only we hold with diamond hands.

Did I learn anything?

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“Time flies when you have fun,” they say, and writing blog posts on an online Medium — well, coincidently, the Mediums name is Medium — feels exciting to me.

Christian Soschner

Entrepreneur | Passionate Writer | Mindset Coach | Martial Artist | Lifelong Learner | Avid Reader | Investor | Speaker | http://Linktr.ee/soschner

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