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October is the first month in the third season of the year.

Autumn, the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful.

I found this quote on Canva while searching for a picture for my October Review on Medium.

October is when the trees in my hometown start changing…

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The internet is a great thing — still, after almost 30 years since CERN made the World Wide Web publicly available.

Yet, sometimes it is challenging to stumble over information that crushes long kept believes in the truth of certain quotes like

Be the change you want to see in…

Beginners Mind Podcast #50/19/2021

Listen to the Episode here

What does it take to building great companies?

During my morning run, I listened to a podcast of the investor’s podcast network featuring Jim Collins, the author of books like “From Good to Great.”

In this episode, he was talking about what makes the team building a great company.


Thought of the Day #31/2021

Thought of the Day #31/2021 How Sara Ann Powers Secret Copywriting Technique Can Make you a Better Writer Follow this simple 6 step structure to improve your writing
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Have you ever experienced a situation like this?

After sitting in front of the computer for an hour, an idea pops up on the top of your mind. You start working on a piece of text and pour all your passion and heart into the article.

After a few hours…

Thought of the Day #30/2021

Thought of the Day #30/2021 How Alexa Helps to Improve my Deep Work Experience Recovering the lost art of concentration and focus
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You just woke up, and suddenly it was 10 pm again. The same as yesterday.

And you sit in your bed and ask yourself:

How did that happen?

Then you put your mobile phone next to your pillow, turn on your iPad to watch Netflix, and one final check in…

Thought of the Day #29/2021

Screenshots from Atomic Habits

What is your opinion when writing on Medium? What matters more?

Quality or Quantity of the content?

Whenever I open Medium to read stories, I come across a few ones that ponder this question.

Of course, every excited Medium Writer must write about writing on Medium in their career, and…

Thought of the Day #28/2021

Thought of the Day #28/2021 Which Countries Have Officially Adopted Bitcoin Already? Let’s have a look at the fan base.
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The most significant piece of information in the News in the last weeks was

China Declares All Cryptocurrency Transactions illegal

First, in 2017 China kicked the Crypto Exchanges from the field; earlier this year, the miners concluded making any cryptocurrency transaction illegal.

Well, people can still hold cryptos but not…

Thought of the Day #27/2021

Thought of the Day #25/2021 How Bitcoin Fixes Money and Saves the World It is not necessary to fix what is not broken
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Narratives like the headline of this article I hear very often on social media these days. The headline I got from an Article in Bitcoin Magazine declares the money system as broken, and Bitcoin is here to save the day.

Even Tim Denning on Medium declares in one of his…

Weekly Review #9/2021

Weekly Review #9/2021 5 Market Insights for Investors and Entrepreneurs Rundown on Sunday, October 3
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What an exciting week, October started, and immediately the self-fulfilling prophecy of a knock-out 4th quarter in crypto became true — at least for the first three days.

Bitcoin surges 10%, leading cryptocurrency market rally

El Salvador said it mined its first bitcoin using volcano energy, while the U.S. …

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