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It is the time of the year — only 23 days left until Christmas Eve, and I ask myself again:

What is the spirit of Christmas?

In my letter to the community member in December 2019, I wrote:

“Christmas is the time of the year to remember being kind. Everybody…

Thought of the Day #41/2021

My Brief History With Bitcoin A story about the most enormous missed opportunity to create wealth since humankind exists
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Again and again, I hear people speaking about creating wealth, and yet, most of us are too fearful of letting their greediness flow freely and picking up good investment opportunities.

I am no exception to that.

Until the 2000s, society protected small retail investors from making stupid decisions like buying…

Quote of the Day #40/2021

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Getting out of poverty and becoming financially independent is still the reality for many people, as 88% of the global adult population has a net worth of fewer than 100,000 dollars.

Thanks to innovations like the internet, never before in human history have many people had access to the necessary…

Thought of the Day #40/2021

Thought of the Day #40/2021 These 5 Skills Are Not Taught in School, But Essential For Survival in the 21st century. Take your fate into your own hands and study them.
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Since humans exist on this planet, staying alive and surviving was a struggle. First, nature was cruel with many predator animals around that saw human beings as a convenient snack round the corner.

Second, human history is a history full of warfare, mortal combat, and constant fighting.

And thirdly, as…

Christian Soschner

I love reading, writing and talking about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment

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