THOUGHT OF THE DAY #61/#9/2022

CB Insights Report

Week 3 of 2022 is over, and what a fantastic week it was for digital health startups.

The last year’s numbers come pouring in in the first month of each year. 2022 is not different from that.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, mental health issues have arisen. As Yoni…

THOUGHT OF THE DAY #59/#5/2022

Canva Pro Image

We are in the second week of 2022, and the world still circles the sun. It is the third year of the pandemic, and amazingly the investment world didn't seem to have had a severe hit.

Global Private Tech Funding reaches record high of 631 bn Dollar

CB Insights has put together a report on international venture funding with fantastic statistics.

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I love reading, writing and talking about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment

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