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Thought of the day #1

Chris Soschner
3 min readMar 29, 2020


Everybody has a unique way to end the day. I particularly find it useful to have daily routines at hand. It helps not to waste useful thinking energy on daily decision-making processes.

An essential part of life is sleep. And before falling asleep, I have developed an evening ritual. It brings me a lot of benefits for years now. It is helping me to stay focused and on track. The beautiful thing is it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to accomplish the final task of the day.

Every evening before I go to bed, I sit down and take out my notebook. Meanwhile, it is digital. My practice is similar to writing a diary. I still do handwriting, rather than typing into a computer. I believe it helps me to remember what I write better.

In this practice, I focus on answering my three essential questions every single evening. They are the same three questions every single night. I believe one cornerstone of success is positivity. So I want to have a great positive ending of every day. What are these questions? Here we go:

Three things happening today that I am grateful/proud of

The first thing I write down is a description of the good that I experienced today. Three events, thoughts, accomplishments that I am pleased about having them experienced. Sometimes it is detailed; sometimes, it is a more bullet-point style. The wording I keep positive like: “I won a new client today. How cool is that? XYZ honors my expertise. I can bring value to their company.”

Three things I want to improve

We are all humans. Making mistakes is part of life. And we only learn from falling, error, and failure. Of course, it works the mind. Thinking about where I could have done better. The difference I want to make for myself is to put my mind at ease. Oh well, yes, I messed up. And here is my learning. This is the way I will make it better next time I face the same situation. Sometimes in detail, bullet points. The wording is meant to be positive. Should I fall into negativity, I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until I have carved out the good in the bad.

Three tasks I want to accomplish tomorrow



Chris Soschner

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